Spring is Here. It’s Time for a NEW Fence!

The weather is beginning to warm up, and that can only mean one thing. It’s time to pull out the grill! Your family has been cooped up inside for months, and it’s finally time to enjoy the beautiful weather and good times with friends. Maybe it’s time to open up the pool, or clean off the swing set. Your yard is your family’s outdoor space, and it’s finally time to enjoy it! However, you may be facing the issue of safety. How will you keep your family and pets safe outside?

Why fencing?

Your time outdoors could only be made better by adding a beautiful, high-quality, brand new Roark fence to secure your setting.  Enjoy an afternoon of burger flipping and feasting with your friends, knowing that the children and family pets are safe. Summer is made for backyard fun surrounded by a quality, protective privacy fence.

How can a privacy fence help me?

The yard is a great place to spend the warmer months. If your property is not secured by a fence, your family can risk property damage as well as a lack of privacy. Unfortunately, theft is an issue that some homeowners face. Many property owners add a shed or garage to store their belongings, but that can only hold so much. To avoid any potential harm to your property, add a privacy fence! 

Another problem for today’s homeowners is proximity. Your neighbor’s home is just a few feet from your property. You want your own space, but you also want solitude. Keep your property peaceful with a Roark privacy fence.

How do I proceed?

You may be unsure of what type of fence best fits your property, but we can help with that.  Our four foot picket fencing adds a gorgeous barrier to keep kids and most pets inside your property line. Aluminum fencing is an aesthetically pleasing, highly durable options to add value to your property. In addition, chain link fencing is another option that adds great protection for a lower cost.  Let us help you choose the perfect fence for your needs today! Call us for a FREE on-site estimate!