Use your tax return for a NEW privacy fence!

And 10% off a stain when you purchase a new privacy fence from Roark, talk about a great opportunity for investment!  There’s a lot of ways you can use your well deserved tax refund from the government.  A very popular way to use this annual cash flow, is to invest the funds into your property, or your home, to enhance the value of your grounds.  Call us at Roark Fencing today for a free on site estimate, most privacy fences can be installed for only a portion of your total tax refund!

Investing your tax refund into a privacy fence for your yard can increase the level of security and protection for you, your family and your property.  Investing your refund into something that enhances a value or provides extra peace of mind and protection is always a strong long term investment. And when you choose Roark Fencing, you can be sure our work is quality, so that your tax refund investment IS a VERY long-term investment in your property.

Privacy Fence from Winchester, KY

According to an article published online in USA Today, only a small portion of people “blow” their annual tax refund, about 12%, while 38% pay major bills and 24 % save or “invest” their hard earned dollars.  Don’t “blow” your tax refund away in 2012 – INVEST your tax refund in a custom built, privacy fence for your home, property, yard line as you will be investing in quality, value and enhanced beauty to your personal environment. Click here to view our online gallery of the many kinds of privacy fences, Roark has been proud to build.

A Roark built privacy fence is a one time solid investment for your long term planning.  Take advantage of the 10% off a stain until May 15th 2012, when you call us today for a FREE on site estimate, or contact us using our online quote request form.  Having Roark build and install a custom quality privacy fence using only, in most cases, a PORTION of your tax refund, is a strong investment.  Cross the privacy fence off your 2012 to-do list today!