Property Fencing for Security and Protection

Installing a quality made Roark fence to surround your property, whether it be business, residential, an A/C unit or your home yard, can enhance the value of your property by providing it with an extra layer of security and protection.

Privacy Fence

A fence can be designed to add an element of beauty to your property line or provide simple functionality by enclosing an area to deter unwanted contact with those not authorized to access your property.


4ft Aluminum around backyard fence

By reading our previous post on Copper Theft you can see why there is a need for utilizing fencing as a security measure on your A/C unit to deter criminal mischief and copper theft.  However, a fence used to line your property can provide protection from trespassers and unintentional damage from, for example, stray animals and unwanted neighbor property contact, to name a few.

Enclosing your property with a quality, Roark built fence, which is designed to meet your needs both visually and for security, will allow for you to enjoy your property on a whole new level.  Keeping lawn items like furniture, outdoor toys and other general outdoor items, can give you peace of mind when they are secured behind a fence away from prying eyes.  Nothing is as sure as a lock and key, however, a fence does add an extra layer of protection and thus, a feeling of security.  Click here to see examples of a lot of our fence work that meet the needs of our customers wanting more security, while enhancing the value of their property. See, OUR WORK.

By installing a fence, it acts as a barrier from all the elements that could damage your property.  A property fence is something that can be taken for granted, making sure that your fence can withstand most weather conditions, can last many years and can provide value and beauty to your property, is a task we take seriously at Roark Fencing and a service we provide very proudly for over 36 years.  Call us today for a free on site estimate, or click here to fill out our online quote request form.

A/C Cage Unit Protection