Chain Link Fence Color Options

Did you know that Roark Fencing ALWAYS offers FREE chain link removal when you have us build your NEW replacement fence? That’s right. If you’re tired of your old chain link fence and you have in mind a beautiful new look chain link, aluminum or even wood privacy fence, we will remove your chain link fence for FREE!
If you’re looking for a fence for your property and budget is a high concern, a chain link fence might be the perfect solution for you. Chain link fences built by a company such as Roark fencing, can offer that property line security you are looking for, plus a tidy look, with whichever color you choose for your chain link fence.

Roark Fencing installs chain link fences all around central Kentucky and we offer different color options for your different needs. You can choose from galvanized, or colored chain link fences. If you aren’t sure what we have to offer, always drop us a line and we can clarify any questions you might have about chain link fences.
For color options with a chain link fence, there’s black, sometimes a darkened brown and a green chain link. The green is popular for surrounding pools and pool areas along with fencing outdoor recreational areas. The Black chain link look can add a small level of sophistication to your chain link fence, more so than the regular galvanized look. Galvanized is the most popular type of chain link fence installed and might be the right choice for you, so if you are looking for chain link fencing options, check us out here at Roark Fencing and remember we always offer free chain link removal when you have us install your NEW fence!
Whatever your chain link fence, specialty or decorative fencing needs or ideas might be, call the fencing company that can complete all types of fencing projects, Roark Fencing, we offer FREE on site estimates. Call us today! 859-983-0269