Why Fence Post Tops are a MUST for fences

https://www.roarkfencing.com/privacy-fence/You might think that fence post tops or caps are nice added decorative pieces to your privacy fence, they are, but they are also vital to the health of your fence posts in more ways than you might realize. Roark fencing is one of very few fencing companies that offers FREE fence post tops with your wood privacy fence because we recognize how important it is to the long term health of your fence that post tops are something we offer to our clients for free, so it’s not another charge you have to think about or budget for!

It’s important to cap off the tops of your fence not only finishes the fence beautifully, but it also helps with the posts health since capping off the tops of your fence can thwart insects from boring into the wood and helps prevent water from seeping into the grain of the wood, which can make the wood swell, crack, and lose integrity over time.

Roark Fencing prides ourselves on building quality beautiful fences, which is why we offer FREE fence post tops to fulfill that promise, because fence tops add beauty to your new fence and helps the long term success of your fence so that you can enjoy it for years to come!

Whatever your privacy fence, specialty or decorative fencing needs or ideas might be, call the fencing company that can complete all types of fencing projects, Roark Fencing, we offer FREE on site estimates.  Call us today!  859-983-0269