Protect your investment in 2013

Now that the celebrations, get-togethers and other obligations have quieted down, you may be thinking about another pending deadline: January 31st.  As you’re thinking ahead into 2013, now’s the time to make sure that your AC unit is protected. If you have a tax refund coming, why not make a small investment now and deter thieves on the lookout for copper and wiring inside AC units. It’s a growing problem that could cost you thousands of dollars down the road and lead to problems when you need to cool your home or business.

A criminal can attack and destroy a residential A/C unit in 5 minutes or less, a commercial larger unit or set of units, in under 10 minutes. Thieves will steal and sell the aluminum, copper and wiring, or the entire structure for only about $50 but it will cost you much more in repairs or even complete replacement. Our AC cages a quick and easy solution that will give you peace of mind for your residential A/C unit.

Our estimates are always free. Call us today and make 2013 a safe and secure year.