Privacy Fence: Added Security

Feel Safe with a Privacy Fence

In the areas of Lexington and Georgetown Kentucky, there are a variety of gated communities. Gated communities offer increased security to their residents; entries and exits are limited. Some communities are only accessible with keys or codes. You don’t need to live in a gated community to feel safe; add a privacy fence to your home!

A Privacy Fence Can Deter Crime

Criminals are opportunistic. They look for ways to get in and out quickly undetected. They can easily use the cover of darkness. In large residential areas, backyards may back up to each other. It allows criminals to pass through the yards and see what each property has to offer. Installing a privacy fence will do two things; one being preventing criminals from seeing your property, and two, create an obstacle to maneuver around.

Privacy Fence Details Matter for Security

Planning to have the fence installed is step one, but we can’t skip the details!

Privacy fences typically stand six feet tall. Wood is commonly used in fence construction. The fence should be installed with posts and rails facing the residence; this installation provides a smooth exterior surface. Installing the fence with posts and rails facing out creates ledges someone could use to climb over.

Gates will provide exits from the property. This is important for safety. In the case of a fire, residents need to be able to get out and away. Gate latches can be installed to open from both sides. They should lock from the inside for security purposes. Simple hook and eyes or door chains work and can easily unlock in emergencies.

Any security system signs should be displayed on the fence as it is part of the perimeter to the home. These details are essential to using your privacy fence as added security.

Privacy is Important

Current times require social distancing. There is no better way to protect your outdoor space other than a privacy fence. A privacy fence will protect you from uninvited guests who may stop by. It will protect your children from strangers and neighborhood pets. If you have a pool or intend to install one, a privacy fence allows you and your family to enjoy it without fear of wandering eyes. It will also serve as a safety barrier from those looking to go for an uninvited swim.

Privacy fences seclude you and your family, but they also serve your neighbors. Community relations are important in small neighborhoods. Fences can build positive relationships.

You may enjoy having guests over; your neighbors may be more inclined to keep to themselves. As a neighbor that enjoys entertaining, installing a fence is a kind gesture to your neighbors. You are able to host gatherings at your residence, without intruding on your neighbor’s privacy.

Privacy fences contain pets; your neighbors will appreciate not finding waste in their yard if your pet wanders. Installing a fence is not only an addition to your home; it is an addition to your community.

Recently, neighbors have made adaptations to their fences to make social distancing easier. Neighbors created windows or drop-down sections and turned the sections into tabletops. Their modifications allow them to enjoy their neighbor’s company from a distance.

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