Backyard Fencing For The Home

Value and Safety with Backyard Fencing

Backyard fencing can increase your home’s value, create a private backyard space, and secure your property line. You will have various choices to make when picking out your materials. Chose the fence that will best suit your needs.

Fencing Height

Determining the height of the fence is essential. Fencing installations typically require permits, and zoning codes may restrict the size. Most fences can stand between four to six feet tall.

A four-foot fence acts as an excellent barrier for kids and small pets if they can not jump over it. A shorter fence will deter stray animals and keep your yard free of their droppings. A four-foot fence is easy to climb and way not offer much for security. They will define your property line, and some will add curb appeal. A six-foot fence provides more protection to your property, being more difficult to climb, and most pets can not jump over.

Backyard Fencing Materials

A chainlink fence is a cost-efficient option when you’re looking for a barrier fence. You can choose a color-coated chain link that gives you a custom feel. Standard color choices include green, brown, black, or white. You can select the color that best suits your landscape or desired look. Chain link will not provide you with much privacy, but it will restrict animals and people from entering your property line.

Privacy For Your Backyard

If privacy is what you are looking for, wood fencing is a material to consider. You can select a pressure-treated wood or a natural wood like cedar. Pressure-treated wood requires some maintenance to enhance its longevity. Cedar is naturally hardy with little to no maintenance.

Electing to add a six-foot wood privacy fence creates a private outdoor space. If you and your family enjoy spending time outdoors and would like to do so without wandering eyes, a privacy fence might be for you. Your neighbors may also appreciate your privacy fence if you want to entertain parties, allowing them to enjoy their backyard without feeling like they are attending your party.

Wood privacy fences double as a security feature. They are challenging to climb over. Their solid panel construction does not allow anyone to see valuables in your yard or inside your home.

Add Privacy With Vinyl

If you like the idea of wood fencing but are concerned about maintenance or splinters from wood construction, there is a backyard fencing solution for you – vinyl! Manufacturers produce vinyl fencing in various textures, including wood grain. Similar to a wood privacy fence, you can purchase solid privacy panels.

Vinyl fencing is also manufactured in other styles. If you are looking for a shorter fence or a fence that allows for airflow through your backyard, your fencing company can provide the available options.

When choosing vinyl fencing, it is essential to know the thickness and manufacturing process of your vinyl. Recycled vinyl has been processed from its original state and manufactured back into fencing. The method of recycling weakens vinyl making is susceptible to damage. Your fence may crack or break easily from debris thrown by a lawnmower or from a ball being kicked against the fence.

Backyard Fencing with Wrought Iron

If you are looking for a high-end fence, you can choose wrought iron backyard fencing to add value and curb appeal. Wrought iron’s sturdy construction withstands weather elements and is naturally corrosion resistant. It will not be at risk of damage from small stones or small branches falling. Paint is not a requirement of maintaining wrought iron. If you like to keep your fence looking shiny and new, a quick coat of paint can restore it to that state.

Choose A Fencing Company

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