Your Privacy Fence Installers

Who Should Be Your Privacy Fence Installers

A privacy fence is an investment in your property. You want your fence to last for years to come. When it comes time deciding who you want to install your privacy fence, talk to various Privacy Fence Installers.

Fencing Company or Fence Installers

Fence companies and installers will both build you a beautiful privacy fence. Fence companies usually arrange an onsite visit to assess the project, supply your chosen materials, organize the material transportation to the job site, and complete the work. They are often familiar with all of the materials they have to purchase as they install and complete fence installations daily.

Fence installers are contracted to install the fence after you purchase the materials from a retailer. They may specialize in fence installation, or they are general contractors who offer fence installation. You may choose to buy the materials from a retailer, including the installation cost. You can also purchase the materials and choose to hire your privacy fence installer.

The Privacy Fence Materials

If you buy your materials before choosing a privacy fence installer, it is essential to discuss the materials you choose and the proper installation with your prospective installers.

Privacy fences are made out of various woods or vinyl. Cedar is one of the most popular woods to chose from. It is dry wood. It has not been treated with any chemicals or liquids and will not twist or shrink. Cedar is hardy and naturally resistant to disease and decay without regular maintenance such as staining or painting.

Pressure-treated wood is also resistant to disease and decay; however, it is not a dry wood. The process of pressure treating forces moisture into the wood. The wood needs to dry before being installed to avoid shrinking or twisting. If you choose pressure-treated lumber, talk to your privacy fence installers regarding the woods moisture level. The dry time will vary by climate and condition.

Vinyl fence is purchased in manufactured sections. Manufactured sections require attention to detail if there are significant changes in the grade of your property. The thickness of the vinyl will determine how your fence is installed. If vinyl is your choice, your privacy fence installers should be familiar with vinyl installation.

Ask Your Privacy Fence Installers

Your installers should be familiar with materials installation requirements. We recommend asking,

  • How far apart will posts be placed?
  • What depth will posts be set?
  • How wide will post holes be dug?
  • Will posts be set in concrete footers?
  • Will the fence be installed with wood fence posts facing into the property?
  • Is there a warranty or guarantee on the work?

When installing the fence, posts should be placed six to eight feet apart. A post for a six-foot-tall fence should be buried a third of its length so that a six-foot fence post would be three feet deep. If your post is 4×4, the hole it’s placed in should be 12 inches in diameter and filled with a six-inch layer of stone followed by concrete.

If you’re having a wood privacy fence installed, posts should face in towards your property, leaving a smooth six-foot wall facing out. This installation provides added security to your home. The flush wood surface does not give anyone a ledge to step on in an attempt to climb over.

Your privacy fence installers should be able to answer any questions you have.

Fence Installation with Roark Fencing

As an established fencing company, we gladly answer any questions you have. We will help you choose the material to best suit your needs. Roark proudly offers wood and vinyl. With over 30 years of fence installation experience, we will survey the worksite and address changes in grade that will require solutions. We guarantee a high-quality fence that will be an attractive investment in your home. Contact us today to get your free quote!