Use Your Tax Return For a New Fence Backyard Fencing

Investing In New Backyard Fencing

There’s a lot of ways you can use your well-deserved tax refund from the government. A popular way to use this annual cash flow is to invest the funds into your property or your home to enhance your grounds’ value. Replacing an old fence or adding new backyard fencing to any property can add security, safety, and curb appeal.

Which Fence Is Best For Your Property

Each homeowner has different needs for their home. Pet owners’ priorities include containment and safety. A chainlink fence is an economical solution to both needs and comes with longevity. A chainlink fence kept clean will last up to 20 years.

Chain link is low maintenance and affordable. It is available in color-coated varieties. Green blends in well with the landscape. Black appears more stately, white adds a crisp appearance and works well around pools.

Chain link is available in a variety of heights, from four to six feet. Four-foot fencing is standard for most residential purposes. When meeting with your fencing professional, discuss which size will be best for your needs.

A Backyard FencingBackyard fencing Roark Fencing With Privacy

Investing your tax refund into a privacy fence for your yard can increase the level of security and protection for you, your family, and your property. Investing your refund into something that enhances value or provides extra peace of mind and safety is always a robust long-term investment.

Privacy fences are solid construction that entirely obscures the view inside of your fence. A privacy fence is made from wood or vinyl. Our most popular privacy fence material is cedar. Cedarwood is naturally hardy and resistant to infestations or decay, lasting up to 25 years. Vinyl lasts up to 30 years and provides homeowners with a low-maintenance fencing option in various color choices to meet any style.

With a privacy fence, neighbors and passersby will not see the valuables inside your yard or protected parts of your home. Leaving valuables in plain sight makes your home an easy target for thieves. Bikes, landscaping tools, even your air conditioning units can be at risk of trespassers. Air conditioner units host valuable metals. Adding an AC cage is the best way to protect your unit. However, a privacy fence keeps it out of sight, out of mind.

A Stately Appeal with Iron Fence

Are you looking for a timeless appearance that will last the test of time? Installing an iron fence in your yard will increase value, security, and curb appeal. Iron fences can last a lifetime. They may lose their luster over time, but a quick coat of paint made for metal surfaces can restore the like-new appearance.

Wrought iron fence is often seen around historic estates and in upper-class neighborhoods. An iron fence is one of the most significant investments you can make in fencing. The iron fence is hardy and not easily damaged. If damaged, it can also be repaired by a professional welder, saving you the replacement cost.

Iron fences can be simple yet elegant or ornate and decorative. You may also choose to install iron gates on any fence you install. Decorative iron gates are a popular option with various fencing styles and neighborhoods. In Lexington and Georgetown Kentucky, you see beautiful ornate gates to the entrances of many horse farms.

Your Professional Backyard Fencing Installers

When it comes to investing your tax return into your home, choose Roark Fencing. With over 35 years of fencing experience in all fencing types, we provide you with a lasting fencing investment. We will help you choose the best fence to meet your needs and style.

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