Do I Need a Residential Fence?

More and more homeowners are realizing how important it is to have a residential fence around their home. There are both personal and legal benefits to adding a fence to your property; sometimes it can even be a lifesaver. There are domestic as well as legal benefits to putting a fence around your property. Roark Fencing knows that any proper residential fence needs to be made with quality materials and durable, and we offer many options of fencing to choose from. So, why do you need a residential fence on your property?

Keep the Family In

Having a residential fence around your home provides many benefits. With the weather heating up, everyone is heading outside to enjoy time with family and friends in a COVID-approved manner. When you’re outside with your dogs and the kids, rest assured everyone is kept safe and insight with a residential fence! The kids and pets can play without a worry in the world!

A residential fence can also be very helpful for outdoor entertaining. Having some friends over? Are they bringing their kids and/or dog? Their family doesn’t know the property like yours does, but your families can still enjoy the party while the little ones run around because you have a residential fence securing your property. 

Keep Strangers Out

Residential fencing also keeps unwanted guests out! Whether your neighborhood has heavy foot traffic, or the property line has the family next door close by, your fence will ensure that nobody walks onto your property without your approval. This applies to your non-human neighbors as well!

There are plenty of woodland creatures roaming around many homes. Residential fencing is also important for keeping them off your land. For example, if you plant a garden or have your garbage cans sitting outside, a fence can keep wild animals off your lawn. Nobody wants pesky critters digging into their plants! Avoid damage to your landscaping from deer, raccoons, and other pests with a residential fence!

Secure Your Belongings

Many homeowners keep belongings in their yard. From machinery and equipment to swing sets to outdoor furniture, you want to keep your things safe. A residential fence will provide a barrier between your property and anyone else looking to steal from it. There are many fencing options to choose from, including chain link and privacy fencing, which do a great job of keeping unwanted visitors away!

Avoid Legal Issues

Do you have—or are you considering installing—a pool in your backyard? Something important to know if you have a pool is that you are legally obligated to have a fence surrounding that area. This is to make sure that nobody enters the area unsupervised because that could lead to a dangerous accident. 

If someone were to enter your pool and get hurt, you as the home and pool owner, are legally responsible. It is your pool to keep watch over, and any accidents that occur on your property fall on you. Roark Fencing understands the rules and regulations, and can install a residential fence to keep your family and anyone else safe from harm. 

Adding a residential fence to your property is the best way to ensure that everyone and everything stays safe. Whether you are looking to keep energetic children from running off, or you want to keep prying eyes away from your home, a Roark Fencing residential fence will keep your worries away. With Roark Fencing, your home is your oasis. Give us a call today for a free quote on your new home fence!