Avoiding Copper Theft: Fencing in your A/C Unit

Copper theft is on the rise.  One of the easiest and most abundant ways to steal copper, is to cut the lines of an A/C unit, of which there are plenty, attached to some 500,000 residential and business properties in the Central Kentucky area.

Perhaps the most cost effective way to avoid the stress of copper theft from your A/C unit, not to mention the added frustration associated with a large repair bill, is to protect your A/C unit with a Roark custom built security fence.

Did you know that since 1991 the dollar value of copper has risen from $1.25 to $4.00 a pound from 2009 to 2011*?  Many law enforcement officials suspect that the thefts are to fund a growing drug trade, stealing the high dollar copper in exchange for drugs and illegal substances.

A severely damaged A/C unit from Copper Theft vs a Roark protected A/C unit on the right.

Protecting your A/C unit now, from theft, could save you money and a headache later, if you discover that you’ve been targeted as the victim of copper theft and your property has been intentionally damaged or destroyed due to theft or criminal mischief.  The cost to repair an A/C unit damaged by copper theft can range in the thousands of dollars, a cost that can come as shocking, when it happens as it usually does, unexpected.

Choosing a custom, quality built Roark Fence to house your A/C unit is as easy as calling us today (859) 983-0269, for a free on site estimate, or filling out our free quote request form.  You can see the many examples of a Roark A/C unit security barrier by clicking on our photo gallery, here.

Examples of a single A/C unit fence and multi-unit protection.

Given your direction and specifications, whether you have business, residential or multiple A/C unit fencing needs, Roark can recommend an A/C unit protection fence that is right for your property.

Roark can build a security fence for one unit or multiple A/C units in a variety of styles such as; galvanized chain-link, black or even green vinyl coated chain-link, ½” steel bars cut ad welded to fit, the expanded steel screen is the most common and Roark can also utilize high quality wood for an even more custom look to “hide” and protect your A/C unit.

Three examples of the different styles of fencing used for custom A/C cages

Fencing in A/C units for protection, is just one of the specialties that Roark Fencing is proud to offer, high quality, service and value to Central Kentucky Residents for over 36 years.

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