Home Owners Association and Fencing

You’ve made the decision to fence in your property, most likely your backyard and you have an idea of how it will look and what kind of material you will want to use.  You’ve called us at Roark Fencing for a free on site estimate to make sure your dreams can become your reality and the next step is to make sure you have all the appropriate permits and permissions, based on what you want, ready for your fence installation.

In Lexington, KY, the City requires you to obtain a permit to construct a fence. According to “How to be a Good Neighbor” published by the LFUCG, a “permit from the Division of Building Inspection is required before a structure may be built, moved, added to or structurally altered. A permit is also needed for installation of a swimming pool, construction of a driveway or fence, or major remodeling of a home.”

Home owners association and fencing Roark Fencing
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In Richmond KY, you are encouraged before you begin any home improvement project indoors or out, call the Codes Enforcement Department at 859-625-6400.

In addition to the City’s requirements, your particular home owners association DOR has certain guidelines and prohibitions. Anyone desiring to undertake these types of projects might usually need to submit a written request, accompanied by plans and specifications (which Roark can help provide), to the property manager for approval before any work begins. These protocols and procedures are in place and designed for you to receive consistent and fair DOR enforcement, protecting the interests of your neighbors and your HOA so that the overall quality and beauty of your neighborhood is maintained and can possibly save you, the homeowner, a lot of time, money and aggravation.