Has your fence seen better days?

Good wood fences are made to last for years but given the organic nature of the material, eventually you will have to replace it.  Is it the time right now?

Here are some clues that you may need to replace or repair your fence in the near future:

Damage & decay: no matter what, wood fences will begin to decay over the years (poor quality wood will obviously deteriorate faster). Decay looks bad but it also weakens the fence and could make it unsafe. If rails, slates, or any part of your fence is sagging, bending, broken, moldy, musty-smelling, missing or visibly rotten, it’s time to replace or repair the damaged sections.

Repair costs compare to replacement: If damage to the wood is extensive enough, the quote to repair a fence may come close to or exceed the cost to replace. It makes sense to replace a damaged or decaying fence with a new, high-quality wood fence for the same or similar amount of money.

You’re selling or want to increase your property’s value: A high-quality wood fence always makes a good impression. If you’re selling or just want to increase your home’s curb appeal, a new fence is a quick and easy solution.

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