Are Metal Gates The Best Choice?

So Many Metal Gates, How Do You Choose?

How do you choose what gate is best for you, from metal gates to iron, wood, and aluminum? With the information we have provided, we hope to make your gate choice a little easier for you.

Iron Gates Are A Strong Choice

Iron gates are an elegant, timeless choice that can be customized to fit your style. They are rust-resistant, and in the case, they lose their luster, add a fresh coat of paint, and look as good as new!

Iron is the most durable option when compared to materials like vinyl or aluminum. Wrought iron fences have a degree of impact resistance. If an impact ever damages your gate, they can be repaired by a professional, saving you the cost of a replacement gate.

Iron driveway gates add security to your home. They are tall, heavy, and not easily tampered with. Iron gates typically open using a gate code, remote, or sensor. They are not easily forced open. Their stability provides a safe barrier for children and pets.

Iron gates have much to offer as a gate choice for your home, including increasing your home’s value. The downfall is the cost of the initial investment. The materials and shipping cost create a large upfront payment. Consider iron gates hold their value; you can consider your purchase an investment for years to come.

Aluminum, An Economical Choice

Aluminum gates are typically less expensive and lighter in weight than iron. Therefore they cost less for shipping. Aluminum gates are designed to look and resemble iron, providing you with a similar curb appeal. You can install an aluminum perimeter fence to match your aluminum driveway gate for a complete, polished look.

The difference between aluminum and iron, aluminum lacks impact resistance and reliable construction. Aluminum gates bend more readily than wrought iron. They may not withstand an accidental fender bender with a vehicle. If sections are bent or damaged, they may need to be replaced as they are not easily repaired. You may want to consider the cost of replacement sections and labor when making your gate decision.

Chain Link, Light and Easy to Move

Chainlink gates are lightweight and easily maneuvered. They are an economical option for someone who can not install an automatic gate but needs to limit the weight they are required to move. Chainlink gates are a safe barrier for pets and children. They can be installed at various heights, and if you are choosing to install a coated chainlink fence, gates can be built to match.

We can design your chain link gate to swing open or roll open, installing whichever option best suits your needs.

Wood and Metal Gates Provide Privacy

We have talked about a few metal gates, but we need to include metal framed gates. Wood is typically used within the frame, but you can choose to use vinyl as well. The metal provides a strong, sturdy frame and the panels offer privacy, something the other metal fences cannot provide.

Metal framed wood gates can be an attractive option to use for a privacy fence. If you chose to paint your fence in the future, you could easily paint your wood panels to match.

Like chainlink gates, you can choose to install a sliding wooden gate or a rolling wooden gate. You can choose to have the gate open manually or install it to work mechanically with a remote, code, or sensor.

Depending on the gate’s location and the zoning in your town, you can have a metal framed gate installed to match the height of your privacy fence. Providing you and your family with a secure perimeter and complete privacy around the entire home.

Professional Installation

If you’re looking to have a gate installed or a perimeter fence with a gate installed. Contact Roark Fencing today for your free quote! With 30 years of fence and gate installation experience, we will provide you with a quality gate to fit your needs.