Install a Backyard Fence and Enjoy Spring and Summer Activities

Wooden backyard fence surrounding a beautiful patio with a small rock wall.

Spring is here, and that means that the backyard is officially open for all of your favorite activities. From barbecues to poolside hangouts, your backyard is your place to have fun with family and friends. And, you won’t be the only ones! Many families take to their backyards to enjoy the warm, fresh air. You want to have fun in the sun, but you don’t want to share it with all of your neighbors. Avoid unwanted noise and prying eyes with a backyard fence!

Why add a backyard fence?

Many homeowners have run into the issue of crossing the property line to their neighbor’s yard. Whether you’re planting trees or a garden, or installing a sprinkler system, having an angry neighbor tell you that your brand new addition is on their land is both disappointing and frustrating. Fortunately, you can avoid this situation with a backyard fence. Roark Fencing can build your fence on your property line so you know exactly where your land ends. Garden away without having to worry about crossing that fine line!

Even more important than worrying about your property line is worrying about your family’s safety. With summer around the corner, there’s more of a chance of accidentally bumping into the family next door. We know that our clients’ dogs like to run around, and the kids chase after them. There is only so much your two hands can do to keep everyone in your yard. Avoid having your kids and pets from running astray by installing a gorgeous and strong backyard fence. 

Another issue to consider is privacy. Imagine you are enjoying your backyard with your family and you find someone watching. This is your private sanctuary to enjoy with your family, and prying eyes are not welcome. A solid fence, like a Roark privacy fence, will keep those unwelcome visitors out. Roark offers privacy fencing, which lines your entire property and stands tall to block any outsiders from crashing your precious family time!

What are the backyard fencing options?

There are many types of fencing available for backyards. Roark Fencing offers iron, chain link, and privacy fences for all properties. Each fencing type has different benefits for your property. 

An iron backyard fence adds a touch of class to your property while keeping your family in and strangers out. A timeless fencing option, iron backyard fencing makes containing your property effortless and attractive for your summer fun in the sun.

Chain link fences are a great and simple way to enclose your backyard. They are economical and do their job well. For example, if your pet gets out of the house, rest assured that a chain link fence will keep them in the yard. This fencing option is also great for homeowners who want to keep their family in and strangers out, but do not want to block their view of the land surrounding their home. You can still interact with your neighbors without running the risk of anyone crossing the property line.

Finally, a privacy backyard fence is the best way to truly block out the rest of the world around you. A privacy fence is a tall, gap-free structure that lines your property so that nobody can get onto, or even see, your backyard. This is the best option for homeowners who want complete privacy in their backyard space. 

Ready to install a backyard fence on your property?

If you have decided that a backyard fence is a necessity this summer, look no further than Roark Fencing. We are Lexington’s premier fencing company and we’re ready to install the perfect backyard fence for you! Give us a call today or explore our website to learn more about what fencing options work best for your needs.