Everything To Know About Chain Link Fencing

Individual has gloves on their hands and are stretching chain link fence.

Looking to install a chain link fence on your property? Great choice! Roark Fencing is the top chain link fence installer for Lexington, Kentucky, so you’ve come to the right place! We have been serving Kentucky by building the best fences for our clients since 1975. With experience in iron, privacy, and chain link fence installation, we know what works best for you. While we have various options of fencing for you to choose from, chain link fencing is a sturdy and economical way to go.

Why Install a Chain Link Fence?

Chain link fencing is a very popular option for any contained area. It is used for residential fencing and commercial fencing as well as recreational fencing for parks and playgrounds. Chain link fences are a great choice because they offer great protection with different color options, for a low cost. A chain link fence installation is a multi-purpose barrier for children, dogs, and to keep people away from your pool, which legally requires containment. They can be built at various heights, depending on your individual needs. 

Chain link fence installations can come in green, white, brown, or black. They are built using galvanized metal wire netted in a web-like pattern for optimal protection. A quick hose-down will keep your chain link fence clean, and maintenance is simple and easy. 

Cost-Effective Fencing Installation

We get it, fences aren’t cheap. The cost of installing a fence can be a heavy burden, which is why many of our clients opt for a chain link fence installation due to ease of process and lower cost. Iron and privacy fences may offer aesthetic appeal, but they can certainly dig into your wallet. If you’re looking for a simpler option that does its job of containing your property and keeping others out, a chain link fence installation is the best option for you.

Chain Link Fence Installation Safety

Chain link fences are a safe and simple way to protect your property. With Roark Fencing, your chain link fence installation will be seamless and sturdy. We have two ways of installing posts. We can either set them in concrete or dig them into the soil to ensure they are anchored properly. Setting the posts in concrete will guide water away from the posts, so it never pools at the bottom, which can cause corrosion. Once the fence is up, we add aluminum wire to the bottom so nobody can crawl underneath it – we know how digging dogs can be! You also have the option of adding fence post toppers. These help homeowners personalize their fence. Once your chain link fence installation is complete, you can enjoy your property worry-free. 

If you live in the Lexington area, you know that fencing is an important part of your property. Whether you have lawn care tools, dogs, kids, or a pool, a fence is likely a necessity. A chain link fence installation will keep your property secure while keeping costs and maintenance down. Contrary to popular belief, chain link fences also allow for some personalization and design. Your fence can come in a range of colors, and you can add post toppers for that extra special touch. Give us a call today at 502-868-0269 to get a quote for your new fence!