Proper Fence Installation for Dog Owners

4 dogs standing at a properly installed wooden fence

As a homeowner and dog owner, one of your biggest priorities is having a safe space for your pup to play. You don’t want to keep your furry friend cooped up in the house all day, but you also don’t want to worry about your best bud getting out or running into the street. Keeping track of your pup’s whereabouts is an exhausting task for any homeowner. Make all your worries go away with a proper fence installation from Roark Fencing!

Dog Fence Installation

One of the key benefits of fence installation for families is keeping their pets inside the property. Dogs are man’s best friend, but they are also inherently curious and love to wander and explore. Ensuring their pet’s safety is one of the homeowners’ top priorities, and we understand how to install an escape-proof fence properly.

There are several options for pet fencing. We’ll break down the types of fences that keep dogs safe, as well as their benefits and pricing information.

Vinyl Fence Installation

In addition to being one of our specialties, vinyl fencing does a great job of securing pets! With no gaps or openings, these fences are nearly impenetrable. Nobody gets in or out, so you have peace of mind letting your pups wander around the property.

Vinyl fencing can be more expensive, but it is one of the more durable fencing types. This fence installation will likely last for 20 years, keeping your dog safely in the yard.

Iron Fence Installation

Iron fencing is another good option. One of the perks of this type of fencing is its aesthetic. Iron fencing is pretty as well as functional. Installing an iron fence will allow your dog to see out but will prevent them from leaving. This fencing type also gives smaller dogs some room to sniff around at the edge of the property. If your dog is friendly, they can say hello to passersby!

Iron fence installation falls in the mid-price range and allows for some design personalization. You can choose decorative finials in various designs and materials. Installing an iron fence keeps your property looking contemporary while keeping your pets guarded.

Chain Link Fence Installation

Another popular option for pet fencing is the chain link fence. A more economical approach, chain link fences are simple and effective. Like the iron fence, a chain link fence installation will leave you with a view outside without allowing for any mischievous activity on your dog’s part.

Chain link fences are certainly the most wallet-friendly, and for serial diggers, they can be stronger. Chain link fences can dig into the ground, unlike iron fences, and keep your K-9 from digging trenches to the outside. This sturdy solution will dissuade pups from going near the fence.

Whatever dog-proof fence type you choose for your property, make sure the fencing is installed to line the entirety of your property so that pets won’t find gaps. Roark Fencing can help you map out your fencing line and ensure no gaps or open spaces to tempt your pets to explore. Keep your pets safe by installing a Roark fence today; give us a call at (859) 983-0269!