Iron Fence

Iron Fence

A wrought iron fence is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and hardy fences one can put up. It gives any property a classy and expensive feel. It is timeless and has been used for many years as a barrier for some of the most exquiset homes.


What Is It?

An iron fence is made up of a very low carbon iron alloy. This makes it extremely strong, yet very malleable. Unlike the more common privacy fence, it will not warp or rot. It is also extremely strong, which makes the feeling of security behind the gates that much more enhanced. Its overall aesthetic can be very simple or elegant, depending on your tastes.


How Is It Installed?

Like other fences, Roark Fencing sends a team of professional installation experts to measure and survey the area. The hard metal is cut with various saws to ensure correct measurements and lengths. The posts are then cemented into the ground. You will then need a series of drills, saws, and other materials in order to anchor the rails. It is a lengthy process that is best left up to the professionals. Contact Roark Fencing today to request a free quote of our iron fencing!



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