Your Premier Fencing Destination: Roark Fencing

When Don Roark started Roark Fencing in 1975, he had little more than a pickup truck and the drive to succeed. But after decades of installing high-quality fencing, his small company has grown into a thriving family business, now operated by his son, Jon. Thanks to the hard work of the Roark family and their fantastic staff, Roark Fencing has become your premier fencing company in Central Kentucky.

Fencing You Can Trust

What makes Roark Fencing your premier fencing company? Integrity, hard work, and a team that cares. Roark Fencing has had a staff of dedicated fence specialists since its creation, and we continue to serve the Lexington/Georgetown community with the best fencing options today. Each fence is put together using quality materials and expert craftsmanship. Whether you are looking for a simple chain link fence to line your property or a privacy fence that gives your family the privacy you desire, we are the premier fencing team that can get it done for you. We understand that your home is your oasis, which is why we craft each fence as if it were for the safety of our own home.

Our Premier Fencing Options

Roark Fencing assembles everything from simple wood fencing to gorgeous vinyl. Our popular options include chain link, wrought iron, and privacy fencing.

Chain link fencing is an easy and affordable option for someone who wants a simple and effective fence. Roark chain link fences work fantastically for keeping pets and kids in as well as strangers and pests out. These fences can be coated with a color of your choosing; we have various options to suit your desires.

Our iron fencing is made with low carbon iron alloy so that they are super strong and corrosion-resistant. This premier fencing option is visually appealing and sturdy. Iron fences are dependable for securing your property with a touch of style to complete your home’s aesthetic. Add finials for a decorative and personalized look.

If you are looking to really enclose your space, privacy fencing is a strategic and secure option. Privacy fences can be made with wood or vinyl, depending on your needs and budget. Wood privacy fences can be made with spruce, cedar, or pine; cedar is the most dependable material. While vinyl is more costly, it is also more durable and aesthetically pleasing. Unlike other fences that require more maintenance, vinyl fences only need a quick hose down and perhaps a light scrub to stay spotless.

Putting Up Your New Fence

Roark Fencing is your premier fencing installer because we make the process easy for you. We come out to give you a free estimate, and once your fencing type is locked down, we begin the process of putting up a strong and protective fence. We set posts in concrete or gravel, depending on the type of fence and the terrain. This ensures a sturdy foundation for a reliable fence. The setting will take a few days to dry, and then we will complete your residential barrier. When we’re done, your home will be protected by a beautiful Roark fence!

Always consult your homeowner’s association before beginning to plan your fence installation. When you are ready to get started, your premier fencing installers at Roark Fencing are ready to help you! Give us a call at (859) 983-0269!