Privacy Fence

Privacy Fence and Curb Appeal

Privacy fences are generally one of the more popular options for homeowners when purchasing a fence for their property. Their durability and affordability make them attractive to the average consumer. Not to mention the privateness they provide compared to other fencing styles such as chain link.


Benefits of a Privacy Fence

This type of fence will provide security and peace of mind to any residence. They can protect personal property by keeping it out of sight and out of mind of some opportunistic criminals. They can stop wandering eyes from looking in on your outdoor activities. You can host parties, swim in your pool, and play with your children without feeling like neighbors or passing strangers are participating too. There are various materials to choose from, allowing you to create a custom outdoor space and style.

Wood Fences

The most common types of wood used are spruce, cedar, and pine. Each type of wood has different longevity, considering the type and maintenance required for fencing. 

Spruce is a choice for consumers on a budget. It is affordable and can be painted or stained. Pressure-treated spruce has a longer life span than non-treated spruce. The pressure-treating process pushes preservatives into making it insect and fungus resistant, preventing decay and increasing the life span. A spruce fence will last 5-10 years, depending on the climate and maintenance, although spruce is susceptible to warping over time.

Pine is similar to spruce; it is budget-friendly and can be painted or pressure-treated. Pine takes paint and stain very well, making it ideal for people looking to add color to their yards. A pine fence can last 5 -15 years with proper maintenance, a little longer than spruce, but is still susceptible to warping. 

Cedar is hands down the best choice for a privacy fence. It does not require the pressure-treating process and is naturally resistant to fungus and infestations. Cedar is best left untreated or painted and can last 15-25 years in its natural condition.

Vinyl FenceBright white vinyl privacy fence with dark red leaves hanging above.

If you’re looking for another privacy fence option, you can choose vinyl fencing. Vinyl comes in various textures, from smooth to wood grain, and colors to fit your style. Vinyl is the most expensive option and comes with little to no maintenance. A quick rinse with the garden hose and maybe a light scrub is all it needs. The downside to vinyl fencing is the installation. This type is installed in panels; if a fence panel is damaged, the entire piece may require replacement. With a wood fence, you may be able to replace individual boards. 

Planning Your Privacy Fence

Before contacting your fencing company, consider if you need Home Owner Association permission. Inquiring before the project starts will save you from a lot of trouble later if you break ground without permission. After completing the pre-planning phase, you can begin to plan the fence’s design, location, and size. Measure the dimensions you wish to use. Contact your local authorities to ensure it is safe to dig in the intended area.

Our Installation Process

Privacy fence sections are typically eight feet long. They are installed in flat horizontal fence sections; if you have a rolling, uneven landscape, space can be filled using brick, stone, or pavers.

Posts are set in concrete with a gravel base or driven deep into the soil to provide a solid anchor. We slope the concrete away from the center to allow water to run off and away from the post’s base. Keeping moisture from collecting near wooden posts is essential to their longevity. 

Posts set in concrete must cure for several days. Once the posts are secure, we install the panels. Our panels are installed with the wood’s flat surface facing outwards and the rails facing inwards towards your property, and this is a safety feature. Creating a flat surface on the exterior of your fence will deter anyone from climbing over. If we face the rails outward, they could easily use them for climbing.

We install all our fences accurately, ensuring posts stand at a proper angle and that all fence sections are level.

Why Choose Roark Fencing?

While adding a few wooden posts and boards to your yard may seem like a simple task, it can be quite the undertaking for a single person. Our professional fence contractors at Roark Fencing have over 30 years of experience. They can guarantee that the work will be done quickly and efficiently and exceed your expectations. Contact us today for a free quote!

Wood privacy fence on a commercial property completed by Roark Fencing.
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