Install a Custom Wood Fence

At Roark Fencing, our mission is to install the best and most reliable fencing for our customers. Your property should be kept safe, with your kids and pets are able to play freely. While your fence should certainly be sturdy and dependable, it should also add a delightful aesthetic appeal to your property. 

If you are looking to make your home safer and more comfortable while adding a touch of beauty, come to Roark Fencing for a new custom wood fence! Wood fences are popular due to the various design options. You can install a beautiful privacy fence to keep your property completely secured or a picket fence that keeps the kids and pets in but allows you to see outside your property and adds a bit of style. With the many cut options that wood fences offer, installing a custom wood fence is a no-brainer!

Set Your Fence Apart

If you’re looking to install a fence that goes above and beyond the standard look, we can help! We can easily install a standard privacy fence, picket, or chain link fence. With years of expertise in the craft, and tons of happy customers to back it all up. 

You can also upgrade the look of your fencing by customizing your brand new privacy fence. Take a typical fence style and make it your own by choosing the height, wood type, color, and cut. Voila, you have a gorgeous new custom wood fence.

Our Custom Wood Fence Options

Looking for a stylish new privacy fence? We offer treated pine and cedarwood (which comes in a red tint). We can do just about any cut or style of fencing you like—if you have an idea or saw a fence you liked, let us know! Our fences can be three to eight feet tall, but make sure your neighborhood allows for the height you want before we begin, as some areas have rules regarding fencing.

So, what are your style options? The board-on-board style will keep your property secured. If you’re after a more stylistic appearance, a picket, dog-eared, or an arch fence design will add a touch of beauty to your home. While the cost of one of these styles is typically minimal, the design payoff is huge. Make your home stand out and personalize your property with a brand new custom wood fence.

Our Process

When you build a custom wood fence with Roark Fencing, you don’t pay anything upfront. After we measure the area you’d like to fence, we will help you pick the style that best suits your needs and budget, as well as the optimal height. We will then have you gather information for markings of underground utilities that we’ll need to be aware of. Depending on your location, you may need a permit to put up a fence: check with your homeowner’s association or local ordinance. Once all the pre-work is finished, we’ll schedule your installation. The installation itself is usually only two days.

Your new custom wood fence will not disappoint. A solid wood fence can remain standing for decades if properly maintained, and Roark Fencing installs each fence with care and detail to ensure it is built to last.

Interested in a new custom wood fence for your property? Call Roark Fencing at (859) 983-0269 today to begin your journey to a better, more attractive fence.