Best Fencing Installers

Roark Fencing: Professional and Dependable 

Barriers serve a variety of purposes. They can, for example, repel unwanted entries; protect against flying objects; or keep children and pets in a confined and observable space. In many ways, fencing allows home and property owners to maximize their areas for optimal use. When deciding on a fence, customers keep several things in mind. How will it look against the backdrop of the neighborhood? Is it sturdy and well-moored sufficiently to achieve its purposes? Of course, the cost is always an important consideration when getting a fence. Fortunately, residents of central Kentucky have access to the best fencing installers available.

 For nearly 45 years, Roark Fencing has installed all manner of fencing. Beginning with a single technician, Don Roark, the company grew up into a professional organization of fencing experts, installing and maintaining iron, chain link and privacy fences throughout the region. The growth is due, in large part, to word of mouth references, gained painstakingly through superior craft and responsive customer service. That effort continues — Roark Fencing views every client as important as it’s first in 1975. 

Chain Link Fencing

 Commonplace and practical, strong and sturdy chain link fencing gas the added benefit of being modestly priced. Its woven web pattern and galvanized metallic material comprise fencing in Lexington, KY and many other locations in the region. This webbing is stretched and affixed to fence posts, each about 10 feet from the adjacent posts. Each post is submerged deeply into the ground. In some instances, they are stabilized with concrete. An important aspect of the installation is the stretching of the web from post to post. Unless this task is performed correctly, the fence may sag or even fall. The professionals at Roark Fencing understand this and always confirm sufficient tension at every point.

Privacy Fencing

 Living in a community is a beautiful experience, but, sometimes, people prefer retreating to peace and solitude. The privacy fence affords homeowners the isolation they desire without cutting themselves off from the world. Available in any number of styles and dimensions, Roark privacy fences enjoy maximum longevity with either treated or untreated wood, cedar being the favorite choice. Once posts are embedded into the ground–sometimes fortified by gravel or concrete–metal rails and wooden fence boards are attached. Upon customer request, the posts can be capped for aesthetic purposes. The establishment and construction of a privacy fence will last up to 40 years if performed by seasoned professionals.

Iron Fencing

 Wrought iron fencing enhances any property with a stately and dignified image. Georgetown fencing and that of surrounding areas not only improve a property’s appearance but by extension, complement entire neighborhoods. Composed of a very low carbon alloy, iron fences are not subject to the rot and decay that plague some wooden barriers. This fencing is made with great precision in measurement and dimensions. Specialized tools are employed to secure and cement the posts and to attach the rails. Only the best fencing installers get it right