Roark Fencing: Our Roots

Roark Fencing was established in 1975 by native Kentuckian Don Roark. It all started with a small pickup truck and a lot of determination: Don’s decision to start his fencing business came with another, even greater benefit; it became a family business. A generation later, with Jon at the helm, Roark Fencing remains your premier fencing company in Central Kentucky.

We have a team of talented fencing specialists that have skillfully built many of Central Kentucky’s residential wooden fences. We strive to deliver the very best fencing services that put us among the best fencing installers in the Lexington/Georgetown area! But we may be a bit partial.

Roark Fencing has exceeded Don’s dreams. He credits his fantastic team of specialized fencing contractors and existing customers for the company’s continued growth. The impressive number of customer recommendations has been a critical factor in developing our local, family-run business. We have high craftsmanship and professional standards that Don Roark has stood behind since 1975.

Roark Fencing might have grown exponentially over the past 46 years, but one thing stays the same; the Roark family has continued to build every fence as if it were their own. Fence by fence, we created a reputation throughout Central Kentucky for fine quality and integrity.

The Roark Philosophy

Roark Fencing believes that quality materials, superior knowledge, and professional craftsmanship are the primary reasons for its business success. Two generations of experience and expertise lead a team of professionals to construct each homeowner’s vision precisely. We provide quality materials to build chain link, iron, vinyl, or wood fences. We can meet all our customer’s needs, from a functional chain-link perimeter fence to upscale estate fencing, wood privacy fence, gate arch, and anything in between.

As the leading builder of high-quality wood privacy fences in the Bluegrass region, Roark has left its mark throughout Central Kentucky.

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Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is very common as a commercial and residential fencing option. It is relatively utilitarian in its design. It offers a sturdy containment while also being incredibly economical.

Privacy Fencing

Privacy fences are generally one of the more popular options for homeowners when purchasing a fence. Their durability and affordability make them a no-brainer for the average consumer. Not to mention the actual privacy they provide!

Iron Fencing

A wrought iron fence is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and hardy fences one can put up. It gives any property a classy and expensive feel. It is timeless and has been used as a barrier for some of the most exquisite homes for many years.

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Black iron fence done by Roark Fencing