Pool Fencing: Privacy and Protection

Blue residential pool with concrete walkway, surrounding by pool fencing.

Pool Fencing: Privacy and Protection

In Georgetown, Kentucky; city code requires all in-ground pools to have a barrier fence. It is common to see this requirement in other cities and towns. Pool fencing prevents accidents, offers protection, and provides privacy.  Roark Fencing installs wrought iron, wood, or chain link fencing to suit your needs.

Pool of Possibility

Pools provide outdoor entertainment and health benefits. You can add decorations, music, or prepare a cookout to transform your back yard to your staycation. Family members can gather outdoors and enjoy each other’s company. Swimming provides children with outdoor physical activity that curves boredom.

When pools are not being used for entertaining, they provide a mode of physical fitness or, relaxing atmosphere to relieve stress.  Swimming laps or discovering new pool exercises allow us to stay fit at home. Aqua therapy can be recommended by a doctor to recover from injury or illness.

A financial possibility of installing a pool with a beautiful fence can be found in the resale value of your home.  Research shows pools can add to the value of the home. Depending on the location of your home and property, pools may offer up to 25,000 dollars in home value.

Safety and Peace of Mind, a Fence Installation Away!

With all the benefits of owning a pool can bring, pools must be safe. All pools have different safety requirements ,and it is best to check with your local code enforcement to ensure compliance. Roark Fencing works to provide fencing that is code compliant with Georgetown and our surrounding areas.

Locally, in-ground pool fencing must be a minimum of 48” tall and less than 4” from the ground. They must be fully secured with a locking gate. These regulations include partial in-ground pools; pools that have been partially built into the landscape ,and partially free-standing. Above-ground pools follow similar rules and the exact requirements depend on the height, the depth, the size and shape of the pool. Any above-ground pool deeper than 18 inches and wider than eight feet in diameter require secure pool fencing.

Privacy Pool Fencing provides added peace of mind. Roark Fencing’s privacy fence can be completed with your choice of one of three types of wood.  We will help you chose the best type to suit your needs. Construction of a wooden privacy fence offers a solid fence, with a completely obstructed view.  This offers your family the ability to swim and relax without the worry of who may be out and about or passing by. Privacy fencing keeps your pool ‘out of sight, out of mind.’ This may also act as a safety feature, as no one can be tempted to go for a swim.

Chain link is an economical, secure choice for pool fencing. A chain-link fence should be installed by professionals as it can sag or easily fall over.  Wrought Iron fencing is the most sturdy and esthetic fencing.  Iron fencing will not warp or sag, it will not deteriorate over time.
It offers beautiful security for years to come.

Safety First

Pool fence installation is required to prevent accidental drownings. As of July 1st of this year, Kentucky has 33 accidental drowning deaths. Accidental drowning is the top cause of death in children ages 1-4 years old.  If a pool is left unsecured, a child may find a pool too tempting and get in. At-risk elderly may be easily confused and enter the pool. Any adult or child that access your pool, without your knowledge may be a victim of drowning.

To protect those around you, frequently check the fence integrity. Look for any signs of wear and tear that may compromise the effectiveness of the fence. Check for loose boards, holes in the fence, or under the fence. Wildlife or pets might dig holes under the fence. These holes could be big enough for a wandering child to pass under. Ensure all locking mechanisms are in place and working at all times.

We want everyone to enjoy their pools for summers to come. Roark Fencing installs safe, secure, and local code compliant pool fencing. We provide fencing in a variety of materials to best suit your needs. Contact us today to get your quote on a fence that best suits your needs.