Roark Fencing Company: Quality, Beauty and Value for over 36 years.

Roark Fencing: Quality, Beauty and Value for over 36 years.

Roark Fencing Company has been answering the fencing needs of Central Kentucky for over 36 years with quality, value and beauty.  Our creative craftspeople use only the best materials to build fencing according to your desires and specifications, enhancing the value of your property with greater visual appeal and addressing the privacy needs of each residence.

When you choose Roark for your Fencing needs, a Custom, Quality, Roark Built Fence can provide several benefits to your property:

  • Create a feeling of privacy
  • Enhance your property value
  • Highlight a great view
  • Define a special garden or landscape feature
  • Enhance the curb appeal of the property
  • Provide security for people, pets, and/or property
  • Minimize wind or direct sunlight
  • Hide an unsightly view
  • Buffer neighborhood noise

Carefully chosen, professionally built fencing can help shape your environment into a comfortable and welcoming oasis. Your choice of fencing style can lend elegance and natural beauty to your home.  Roark Fencing has a dedicated sales team that will work with you and your family to design the perfect fence to meet all of your needs. A Roark Built Fence can help shape your environment into the showplace you’ve always envisioned.

With more than 36 years experience as professional fencing experts, we guarantee that your custom fence will meet your highest expectations.

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