Wood or Vinyl Fencing?

Which should I choose?

When choosing fencing for your property, you have options, with wood and vinyl fencing being the most popular.

What are the differences?

The main differences between a wood fence and a vinyl fence are upfront costs, long-term maintenance, and personal taste. Vinyl fencing uses high-quality material, which can cost more initially, however with this “upfront” cost in choosing vinyl, there are virtually no long-term maintenance costs.

The type of vinyl fence you choose matters too. Vinyl privacy fences require more material than an open-style vinyl fence, so they cost a bit more. But vinyl fences can last longer than wood fences, so you save money by avoiding having to replace your fence sooner. Vinyl fencing is also designed to assemble easily, so if you choose vinyl, you’ll have your new fence up and ready more quickly than with a wood fence.

Depending on your neighborhood, tastes and HOA rules, wood fencing might be your preferred option. Roark Fencing uses only the highest quality, new MCQ (Micronized Copper Quaternar) pressure-treated southern yellow pine, and true western red cedar for our wood fences.  Wood fencing is offered in the above high-quality types of wood, as well as in different styles such as scalloped or arched (see photos below). When you hire Roark as your fencing company you have the option to stain your wood fence for added protection and color enhancement.

Whether you choose vinyl fencing or a wood fence, we use high quality the materials at fair prices. If you’re shopping around for a wood fence quote or a vinyl fence quote from a fencing company in Lexington and around Central Kentucky, give us a call at Roark Fencing with your competitive rate and let us see if we can beat it – we’re able to beat a competitor’s price on wood and vinyl fencing in most cases.  Call us today for a FREE on-site estimate at 859-983-0269.

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