Permits needed for fencing your property.

In a previous post, titled “HOAs and fencing” we discussed the types of clearances and permissions needed from your home owners association, if you have one in your neighborhood, when looking at fencing in your property.  However, there are additional permits and permissions needed from your local city council or city government if you want to fence in your property – we will provide links to these websites and people you could contact and forms you might need to fill out, if you live in certain areas around Central Kentucky.

Below is a list of key areas in central Kentucky that Roark, as a reliable and trusted fencing company, has covered in popular residential neighborhoods and other type properties.  Roark Fencing Company is visible for fence types such as privacy, wood, vinyl, aluminum or chain link fences in cities such as Georgetown, Winchester, Richmond, Lexington and many other surrounding and outer areas of Central Kentucky.

Lexington, KY fencing permits and permissions:

Winchester, KY fencing permits and permissions:

Richmond, KY fencing permits and permissions:

Georgetown, KY fencing permits and permissions:

Roark Fencing Company takes care of all the “call before you dig” and can help answer any questions you might have about your local government permits and permissions and also provide you with any necessary documents, quotes and sketches your forms may require for submission.  Call us today for a FREE on site estimate!  859-983-0269