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Choosing your Fence Company, Lexington KY

When you type in Google Search, ‘Fence Company Lexington KY,’ a list of companies fill your page. How do you choose?

Companies Versus Installers

When you choose a fencing company, you are choosing a business that specializes in fencing installations. These companies can help you select and provide your fencing materials. They have knowledge and expertise to construct a variety of fencing styles with multiple materials.

Installers are individuals or small companies contracted to install fencing that is purchased by the homeowner. They may or may not specialize in fencing. They may be general contractors who provide a variety of other services.

It is highly recommended to choose a fence company. They are usually licensed and insured, which can protect you if there is an accident.

How Do You Choose?

Have you taken a walk around your neighborhood recently? Notice the badges that hang on some of the fences?

Reputable Fencing Companies take pride in their work. They hang these badges to show for it. If you notice a fence you like, make a note to add them to your list of companies to look into. Once you start forming a list, look into how long they’ve been in business, where they do business and their customer reviews. The longer a company is in business, the more experience they have with different terrains, materials, styles, and construction. Customer reviews tell you a lot about a company, even the bad ones! Look at how businesses respond to their negative reviews. It may be a positive interaction.

Hopefully, that helped you narrow your list down a little. Next, we’ll look at questions you should ask during your phone call or appointment.

Questions to Ask a Fence Company

  • Is the company licensed and insured?
  • Does the company obtain building permits or contact the utility locator?
  • Are they familiar with local zoning?
  • What warranties do they offer?
  • Are gates and hardware included in the quote?
  • How long is their quote good for?
  • Do they provide a written contract?
  • When is payment due?
  • Who performs and oversees the job?
  • How deep do you set your posts?
  • What is the timeline to complete the job?

What to Expect from a Fence Company

The fence company may obtain permits. As the homeowner, it is best practice to double-check you have everything you need to be in compliance; this also applies to zoning. If you need to call your utility locator, you can call 811. Utility locator service is typically free and done by your utility provider.

Your fence should come with a warranty, ideally three years. A warranty may come from the material manufacturer or your fence company. Gates and hardware may or may not be in the warranty or the quote. It will vary by company, and it is essential to consider when making your decision. Ask for the time frame the quote is valid for, due to market pricing fluctuations. Our current pandemic is an excellent example of economic changes and effects on pricing. We have seen dramatic price changes or a limited supply of items for some time now.

Payment should be due after job completion, but it is common for a deposit to be required. Having a contract with your company will provide these details in writing for both parties to have.

If you chose a smaller fencing company, the owner might be on-site to oversee the job. Larger companies may have multiple jobs in progress and use foreman to manage their projects from start to finish. Completion time depends on a variety of factors. Size of the company, size of the job, weather, and materials used. When using concrete to set posts, it needs one day to cure. All posts are typically buried two feet deep; this may vary by material and if you are unsure, ask!

Other questions or discussions may come up depending on your situation. For example, if you have a sloped landscape, discuss how the gradient will be handled.

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