Wood Chain Link Fence For Your Home

Wood Chain Link Fence: Aesthetics and Function

A lot of time and consideration goes into choosing your fence. You consider the purpose of the fence: how it will look, maybe how much it will cost. Wood chain link fences are one to consider if you’re looking to blend aesthetics with function.

Common Wood Fences

Wood fencing is a common sight around Lexington, Kentucky. It lines horse farms and residential properties alike, from wood four-board fence, estate fence, picket fence, privacy fence, and wood chainlink fence. It is quite common.

In an area where a wood fence is popular, installing a metal chainlink fence may make a property stand out. Wood chainlink fence will help the property blend in. It will create an aesthetically appealing barrier that provides airflow and visibility while offering containment and a secure boundary.

Why Wood Chain Link Fence

The four rail estate fence, similar to horse fencing, is eye-catching yet not always functional for containment or safety, specifically for smaller animals. Wild and domesticated animals can pass under or through four rail fence. If you are looking to restrict animal access, it would be best to consider other wood fence designs, such as wood chainlink.

Wood fence designs you may discover in your search include privacy fence and picket. A privacy fence is typically six-feet tall with boards fixed tightly together, creating a solid barrier. It is useful in containment but can restrict airflow and reduces visibility. Pickett fencing is designed with space between each board. Depending on the amount of space you choose, it may still allow some animals to pass through. You will have better airflow and visibility with a picket fence versus privacy.

Your best option for visibility, airflow, and containment is a wood chainlink.

Many Functions of Wood Chain Link Fence

Chainlink can secure a property line or act as a perimeter fence with the installation of a gate. It can boost security, keep pets or children safe from wandering too far and keep nuisance animals out of your yard. You may choose to build a play yard, dog run, small animal enclosure, or garden fence using a wood chain link.

Using a wood chain link as a perimeter fence will secure your property line while offering curb appeal. You can paint the fence the color of your choice and may choose to add more boards. Looking similar to standard estate fencing.

You can use a wood chainlink to create an outdoor play space that helps deter stray animals from venturing into the area and leaving behind droppings, keeping the site clean and safe for children.

If installing a perimeter fence is not an option. For pets creating an enclosure helps keep them safe while giving them a place to run or play. It is ideal for dogs or small livestock such as goats, rabbits, or chickens. Chickens may require a top to their enclosure to keep them safely contained.

Wood chain link provides a sturdy garden fence to protect the fruits of your labor. It can work for both fencing in a large garden as well as smaller individual raised garden beds.

Installing a Wood Chain Link Fence

Fence construction is no easy task, and we would recommend hiring a professional for your installation.

It would be best if you chose any gates you wish to install before wood posts are placed. Wood posts can be six inches in diameter and six feet long, making them quite heavy. The posts need to be set in sloped concrete footers to prevent rot. Having a slope that moves moisture away from the center is essential.

Chain link needs to be installed using tension; without enough tension, the chainlink can sag or be easily misshapen. Once they pull tension, your fencing company will attach the top board to secure the fence’s topline. If you chose to have an estate fence installed, they would secure the remaining boards as well.

Choosing Roark Fencing

We would happily install your new Wood Chainlink Fence. With over 30 years of fence installation, we can guarantee a quality fence that you will last for years to come. Contact us today for your free quote!